My quick facts about Cambodia One of the few countries that have an elective monarchy,  meaning they are voted into position. Only those that are part of the Royal bloodline can be voted in. Colonized by the French from 1863 – 1953 English is spoken very well throughout … Read moreCambodia


My quick facts about Laos Technically It is illegal for foreigners and citizens to be in a relationship together unless they are married under Lao law, you can’t even share a hotel room together! If enforced you’ll be fined and could go to jail (but … Read moreLaos

How I got here!

This blog post will be a quick outline of where I’ve been and where I’m going in my adult life. This is my story and hopefully things in here will resonate with you and you can takeaway what fits in your life! When I finished … Read moreHow I got here!

Why Pie?

Hello! If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering why The Wandering Pie. Two things, if you know me, you know I love and live to eat, so relating it to food shouldn’t be too shocking, but also Mike’s nickname for me is ‘Pie’. Trying to … Read moreWhy Pie?